The Zwerg

The Zwerg are a kingdom of dwarves. They arrived in Greater Rheytonnia approximately 150 years after the The Ghaeles.

The Zwerg originally inhabited the central mountains of the Old World, but began a mass exodus after several decades of political and religious upheaval. The Zwerg are Cognatii- a breakaway church from the Omnites who believe that all the peoples of the world spring from a common ancestor, and over millenia became the different races and peoples due to a combination of environmental, social, and sometimes arcane influences.

When they originally made landfall, they tried to settle the central mountains of Rheytonnia, but came into conflict with both the Ghaeles and the Sidhe. They instead settled a rocky island to the north- now known as Zwergholm- and dug out a great city beneath.

They enjoy friendly relations with both the Ghaeles and the Vierlanders, tradining metal and crafted goods for foodstuffs.

They are known for having some of the finest metal smiths and airship artificers in the isles.

The Zwerg do not have noble houses. Instead, when a dwarf attains the level of Master in his chosen craft, he or she becomes eligible to run for office within that guild. Every 7 years, the heads of each guild elect one of their own to office of High Chancellor, who runs the executive functions of the Zwerg government. Laws are passed by vote of the Council of Headmasters, a legislative body consisting of the heads of each major guild.

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