The Sidhe are the indigenous people of Rheytonnia. Over the centuries they have had several conflicts with colonists, but in the current era enjoy (mostly) peaceful relations with Rheytonnia’s newer residents.

Geography and Politics

The Sidhe claim the island’s central and southern forests of Rheytonnia as their domain, in addition to the mountain range that splits the island down the middle. They are generally not found on the other Isles in Greater Rheytonnia.

As a people, they live primarily in small tribes of 40 to 100 individuals, with each tribe claiming lineage to one of four courts- Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

The tribes generally move from place to place, and either erect temporary dwellings or dwell among the ruins of an ancient empire that once held sway over Greater Rheytonnia. They hold these places sacred, and no non-Sidhe is ever allowed within these ancient cities on pain of death.


The Sidhe religion is a mixture of animism and more traditional monotheism- they say God (whom they refer to as D’shiwesha) as a guardian of life, and who protects and watches over the pious through nature spirits that inhabit geographical features, plants, and animals. Opposed to D’shiwesha is Tuk- the Great Devourer. A being of darkness and flame, he lurks at the edge of creation. His servants are the wendigo- creatures who offer up their very souls to gain power thrugh voluntary possession by Tuk’s daemons.

D’shiwesha’s priests teach respect for one another and for the natural world. Though not pacifists, they believe violence brings sadness into D’shiwesha’s heart and hat it is a last resort. The Sidhe religion has a strong prohibition against the use of “witchcraft” (Arcane and Psionic power sources)- believing that in using such things one tries to be on level with D’shiwesha, as opposed to other magical arts which calls on nature spirits or D’shiwesha to intercede on one’s behalf.

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