The Ghaeles were the “first wave” of human settlers. While under the brutal hand of Orcish oppression, their wise men advised the chieftains of their tribes that their salvation lay beyond the sea, to a land long forgotten, a land that had lain untouched by the hands of man, dwarf, or orc since the Cataclysm.

As one people, they constructed massive arks, and made an arduous journey across the sea carrying as many animals and supplies as they could. Just when they were running low on food and fresh water and hope was dwindling, their spotters called out! Land was spotted!

Settling on this new land, dubbed Rheyttonia, they found it was not unihabited- strange natives that resembled men dwelled there already. While the initial colonization efforts were bloody, a truce was called, and an ancient pact was formed- the coasts and low lands would be the domain of man, to be shepherded, used, but protected. The mountains, ancients ruins, and deep forests would be the domain of the Sidhe tribes, and any who sought to do more than simply pass through would be met with a swift and silent death.

The Ghaeles eventually separated into three great tribes, and each founded a city, named in their tribe’s honor, in a different area of the island. On the west coast was founded the city of Laudun. This city grew to be one of the largest and wealthiest, as well as the most cosmopolitan and diverse. With its positioning, it is generally the first port of call of any trading ship coming from the Davronian Union, bringing with them culture and immigrants of all stripes. Laudaun is also home to the Knights of the Lion- versatile warriors who often fight with a weapon in each hand.

On the western coast, lies the shining jewel of Rheytonnia, the city of Tarengyre. This city, maintains close ties to their Ghaelish roots, over the centuries have fostered strong ties to the native elves. Tarengyre boasts impressive architecture (Tarengyre castle being the largest fortress in Rheytonnia), a university dedicated to magical studies both Divine and Arcane, as well as the largest population of Sidhe expatriates. It is also home of the Knights of the Stag. These noble warriors are famed for their unbreakable defense and the skill in which they wield sword and shield. Tarengyre is considered the capital of of the kingdom of Rheytonnia, and home to the royal family.

In the southern lowlands lies the final large city, Wallis. This city is famed for the quality of their wool and woven arts, as well as the fierce Knights of the Unicorn- divinely inspired knights skilled with great weapons.


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