Martial Firearms

Pistol +2 d8 5/10 50gp 2lbs Firearm Load Minor/High Crit

Musket +2 d10 15/30 75gp 4lbs Firearms Load Minor/High Crit

Superior Firearms

Long Rifle +3 d10 20/35 100gp 4lbs Load Minor/High Crit

Clockwork Pistol +2 d6 10/20 80gp 2lbs Firearms Load Free1/High Crit

Clockwork Rifle +2 d8 20/40 105gp 4lbs Firearms Load Free1/High Crit

1 Clockwork firearms utilize magazines. Each magazine holds ten shots, costs 3gp, and requires a standard action to remove the spent magazine and load the fresh one.


Firearms are a class of weapon that use black powder to propel a lead ball down a tube at high velocities. Black powder, also called smoke powder, cinder powder, or vulcanite, is a special alchemicaly-created powder that was originally discovered by the dwarves several hundred years ago. It is made through a secret process that utilizes several rare fungi and minerals from deep underground. Dirty, noisy, and sometimes cumbersome, they were initially most popular with flashy mercenaries, but as designs hqave improved are beginning to see more widespread use.

Martial Firearms use breech loading mechanisms (they are loaded from the rear- either from the side like a bolt action rifle or from behind like an old style shotgun), and they use paper cartidges with minnie balls. A minnie ball is a special type of bullet that when fired expands slightly to grip the rifling, allowing one to load the weapon at the speed of a musket, but fire with the accuracy of a rifle. (Historically, the difference was that rifles had “rifling”, tiny ridges that spin the bullet, inside the barrel, while muskets were smoothbore. However, rifles took a much longer time to load than muskets since the bullet had to be very carefully seated inside the barrel w/ a rifle, while muskets could use paper cartridges and just be quickly jammed in.)

The Long Rifle is an upgraded version of the standard musket. Better range and greater accuracy are it’s hallmarks, though it is typically more finicky and requires greater care and maintenance.

Clockwork Firearms are special weapons based on the designs of the famed artificer, Vicento Leorezzi. These weapons, while using a smaller bullet, utilize magazines preloaded with primer, cartridge, and shot, allowing the user to reload the weapon from the magazine by way of the weapon’s finely tuned internal clockwork mechanism. In addition, the improved barrel design allows for accurate fire at longer ranges than conventional firearms.

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