Timeline of the World of Torral

H3. Unknown- est 3500 BC (Before the Common Era)- The Lost Age

Ancient empire, at the height of its power, falls to unknown cataclysm, likely as a result of reckless and unchecked use of magic.

1000 BC- The Age of Strife

The Platinum Horde of Gorbashi Khan sweeps across the the Old World (continent name in progress), subjugating the western kingdoms of men. The orcs worshipped a vile and bloodthirsty being, and used the other races for ritualistic sacrifices. Many fled the cities and hid in the wild. The orcs maintained a stable base in the the Steppes of Razzigoth, and periodically swept through the rest of the continent, seizing captives and razing cities that did not provide tithes and fealty.

850 BC- The Flight of the Ghaeles/Discovery of the Lost Isles

The people of Ghaele- a region on the far north west coast of the Old World, flee the oncoming orcish hordes, travelling west across the ocean in a great armada of ships. By chance, a great storm sweeps them to the island chain later dubbed Greater Rheyttonia- the Land of the Free Men in the old tongue. This turns out to be the native land of the Sidhe. While initial meetings between the landing Ghaelles and the Sidhe were violent, the two peoples eventually worked out a peace treaty in which the Ghaelles would hew to the plains and coastlines, while the Sidhe were given dominion of Rheytonnia’s interior woodlands and mountains. Above all, no human would enter any of the ancient ruins which the Sidhe held sacred.

10 BC- The Dawn of the New Era

The Brotherhood of the White Rose- a secret knightly order, leads a rebellion against the orcs. The leadership, the Shining Fellowship, consist of the great general/commando Renard Davros and his closest confidantes- the genius artificer Lenwynn Telisonand Saint Marginela de Croix. Using Telison’s newly invented firearms and Goliaths (suits of armor powered by ancient technology), the orcs are swept back, the khans destroyed, and their great city burned to the ground. General Davros salts the earth of the orcish home city, and decrees the no orc shall ever again set foot upon his homeland and live.

20 CE- The Rebuilding

Following the war, the old Kingdoms reestablish themselves. Rheyttonia is “discovered” again, and becomes a trade route stop over for merchants who use the ocean to go across the world rather than trvaeling on foot through the Old World.

150 CE-The Rise of Yathar

The Country of Yathar- a vast area on the Far East of the Old World- allows a tribes of orcs to swear fealty to their emperor and establish more permanent settlements. This creates great distress between Yathar and the western kingdoms, who contend the orcs are inherently evil and should never be allowed to settle or re-arm themselves.

160 CE-

Using orcish soldiers in addition to their own considerable levies, Yathar invades surrounding countries, subjugating them. Calling themselves “The Jade Empire” they announce it is their Heavenly Mission to spread peace and order to all the Old World.

165 CE- The Great War

War spreads west, and a massive confilict ensues between Yathar and the western nations (later to become the Davronian Union). Yathar makes sweeping gains initially, but the Union deploys the first airships, who challenge the Jade Empires few drake riders and provide unprecedented levels of ariel bombardment, communication, and scouting.

167 CE

A traitor shares the schematics to produce elemental airship engines with Yathar, and they begin production of their own ships to match the Unions’

175 CE- The Silent War

After ten long years of war, and with both sides badly depleted of men and resources, a truce is signed.

200 CE

The 200th anniversary of the fall of the Khans, and the world has endured 25 years of “Cold War” between the Union and the Empire.

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Timeline of the World of Torral

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