A Quickstart Guide to Rheytonnia

A Quickstart Guide to Rheyttonnia

This section is here to give you a very brief overview of the world of Tarrol. It will contain links to more detailed sections should you wish to explore more, but by browsing through this section you should be able to quickly come up with a character that fits into the game world.


The “mainland”- an island roughly the size of Great Britain, is Rheytonnia. It is the main focus of the campaign.

To the south are two large islands- Scarlia- a jungle island home to a small Ghaelish settlement, and Dagger Isle- an unihabited island with high amounts of volcanic activity.

To the north are the islands of Shea, Zwergholme, Vierland, and The Blasted Isle. Shea is a small, rocky island that is uninhabited most of the year. Zwergholme is a great mountain jutting out of the sea, in which lives a colony of dwarven separatists. Vierland is home to nomadic raiders, and features a dense taiga with rich fishing off the shore. The Blasted Isle is a cursed place where there is no life and none travel.

In the Old World, far over the great sea, lie many kingdoms. The two greatest are the human empires of the Davronian Union and Yathar.

The Davronian Union consists of numerous city states and kingdoms that have signed a defensive pact with one another. It exists on the western side of the Great Continent of Panum. They share a military that is tasked with their common defense, and have a complex web of treaties governing their relations. Due to their past history, they are bitter rivals with Yathar, and hold a deep seated hatred of orcs. Their dress/customs resembles a mix of 17th and 18th century Europe, and they make extensive use of alchemy and “technarcana” items. They have ready access to simple firearms, and also have access to trains, airships, and great battle suits dubbed Goliaths

On the far eastern side of Panum is the mighty Jade Empire, Yathar. Yathar is ruled over by the Emperor Yongheng Tianwang. He controls his Empire through a tight web of fealty, and employs a vast network of secret police to monitor the politcal goings on in the various provinces. In addition, many orcish tribes swore fealty to Yathar for a chance to exact revenge on the western kingdoms, and the serve as fearless shock troops. Yathar is far less reliant on technarcana than the Davronian Union, and instead uses more traditional magics and psionics.

Player Races

Below is a list of common player races- others may be allowed on a situational basis. After each race’s name are two numbers- these show “societal privilege.” This ranking shows how a particular character is generally thought of/treated by the majority of human citizens. The first number is what they experience in their “home” country, the second is in Rheytonnia. The rankings are as follows:
1- Revered- these characters are “put on a pedestal” by most people- they are given many accommodations, treated with great deference(or fear), and excuses are made for them when they behave poorly.
2- Privileged- “one of us” so to speak, they are treated no better or worse than people would treat most strangers. They can come and go without suspicion, and generally aren’t treated with suspicion.
3- Disadvantaged- “one of them”- while not outwardly hostile, most people are somewhat fearful of these characters and somewhat ignorant of their culture. They are generally regarded with suspicion, and are often assumed to be up to something.
4- Pariah- these characters are hated, and treated with open contempt and racism. Shopkeepers will refuse to do business or charge double the price, parents will usher their children away, and people in groups may spit at them, throw things, or picks fights.

From Rheytonnia-

Ghaele (Human)-2- your “standard” human, these light-skinned people constitute the large majority of the human kingdom of Rheytonnia. They primarily inhabit either one of the great cities, or the farms or villages surrounding them.

Vierlander (Shifter)-3- hailing from the island of Vierland, these humans have a strong raiding tradition, and originally descended from tribes inhabiting the northern tundra of Panum.

Sidhe(Elf) – 3- the native people of Rheyttonia. They inhabit the dense forests and great mountains of the isle’s interior. Additionally, they also inhabit the Crescent Isle, a secret place closed off to all non-elves.

Dwarf(Zwerg)- 2- the Zwerg are dwarves are religious separatists from the Dvergish dwarves of Panum. They follow the new religion of Cogniitism, and dwell beneath the great mountain/island of Zwergholme.

1/2 Elf- 2 or 3- half-elves are a rarity in Rheytonnia, given the strained relations between man and elf in Rheytonnia, half-elves can generally pass as either man or elf, depending on their dress and mannerisms. They adopt the attitudes and culture depending on whether they are raised amongst the Sidhe or the Ghaeles.

Pixies- 3- a rare sight in Rheytonnia, pixies are a reclusive people native to the Scarlian jungles. They share a close relation to the Sidhe. While not distrusted by humans, due to their child-like appearance many of the larger races fail to take them seriously.

From Western Panum

Davronian (Human) 2- Human citizen of the Davronian Union. The Union consists of numerous kingdoms and city-states connected by a web of treaties of mutual trade and defense. Davronian’s, due to Union’s far flung nature, span a variety of cultures.

Dverg(Dwarf) 2- The Dvergs are dwarves who inhabit the mountains of central Panum.Staunch allies of the Davronian Union, they harbor a distrust of Yatharese due to Yathar’s ties with the kobold tribes, who in turn are their rivals for the subterranean Under Dark.

Mul (1/2 Dwarf) 2- Muls, while not common, are treated well by both man and dwarf, due to the people’s close ties and general good esteem of one another.

Giantkin (Goliath) 3 – a rare sight in “civilised” lands, the Giantkin are a reclusive people from the far north. It is rumoured they are descended from the union of humans and the elemental giants of old.

From Yathar

Yatharese (Human) 2- The Yatharese hail from the far eastern side of Panum. They are somewhat distruful of western technarcana creations, but make greater use of “traditional” magic. They also have an ancient Psionics tradition, and boast many monasteries devoted to mastering the inner energy they refer to as “Chi.” They are far more tolerant of non-human peoples in general, and have adapted orcs, goblins, and other peoples that the Davronians call monsters into their empire.

Kenku 3- a race of bird like people, it is rumored that the Kenku first taught human tribes dwelling in Yathar the secrets of harnessing Chi. Though their villages are reclusive, they enjoy high status in Yathar’s society and are valued as advisors, magistrates, and other governmental functionaries. Some whisper they harbor the deadliest assassins as well.

Orcs 4 – nomads from the steppes in central Panum, most of the orcish tribes swore fealty to the Yatharese emperor, though some “unyoked” tribes still exist. They are fearsome, but honorable warriors and many of their tribal leaders enjoy great status in the Empire. They harbor a deep hatred of the Davronians, who they view as untrustworthy, weak, and dishonorable. They are hated in Rheytonnia.

1/2 Orc 3 or 4- some orcs in Yathar take human lovers or spouses, and the children of such unions have some of the best of both parents. In Rheytonnia, they viewed with either pity or hatred, as many Rheytonnians fail to see how a human could ever love an orc.

Kappa (Kobold)- the Kappa have warred with the DVerg for millenia over the underdark- a massive system of caves deep beneath the surface. They eventually turned to the Yatharese for aid, who provided them with modern weaponry and armor in return for policing the underdark beneath Yathar.


All classes in 4e have a power source and a role. The power source is what a character’s abilities are drawn from- Martial, Arcane, Divine, Psionic, Primal, or Shadow. Role is how a character generally performs in combat. Defenders have hgh health and armor, and abilities to make enemies “stick” to them; Strikers deal high amounts of damage to a single target; Leaders buff and heal allies; and Controllers debuff enemies, alter the battlefield terrain, and deal area damage.

Fighter(Martial)- the classic weapon based warrior, they can specialize in a variety of fighting styles. They are found throughout the world.

Swordmage (Arcane)- combining arcane magic with swordsmanship, these highly mobile warriors are trained exclusively at the Davronian Union’s Institute of War.

Warden(Primal)- found amongst peoples with close ties to nature (primarily Sidhe and 1/2 Giants), the Warden eschews heavy armor for massive amounts of hit points.

Paladin (Divine)- defenders of the faith, paladins serve as guardians for the churches of Rheytonnia and the Davronian Union. They combine healing magic with their defender abilities.

Battlemind (Psionic)- battleminds are psionic defenders found in Yathar. They use their chi to baffle and manipulate their foes


Ardent(Psionic)- ardents are highly in tune with the emotions of others, and can use that to empower allies and weaken enemies. Many are members of Yathar’s extensive secret police network.

Artificer(Arcane)- students of Technarcana, artificers specialize in the crafting of magical items, which they use to augment party members in battle. Many come from the College of Magic of Davros’ Institute of War.

Bard(Arcane)- a wandering ministrel, warrior, and rogue all in one, the bards are an ancient tradition of the Ghaeles. Taught by apprenticeship, they keep knowledge of history through song and story telling. They also are known to confront evil, whether it be brigands or corrupt mayors.

Cleric(Divine)- priests trained in the mysteries of the divine, they are said to draw upon the power of the Creator. They use special, complex prayers in the way a wizard uses spells.

Runepriest(Divine)- both Dverg and Zwerg use Runepriests as their priests instead of clerics. Runepriests channel ancient Divine power through the use of Runes, the language of Angels.

Shaman(Primal)- primal battle leaders, shamans have a deep connection to the nature spirits of Torral, and call upon them to protect and heal allies.

Warlord(Martial)- students of warfare, Warlords can be powerful Lingzhu of Yathar, Davronian military officers, or Rheytonnian noblemen. They inspire their allies through commands and orders.












A Quickstart Guide to Rheytonnia

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