The Church of Holy Eternity is dedicated to the religion known as Omnism, and it’s followers are referred to as Omnites.

This religion teaches that following the fall, God took pity on Thressus, and so took his broken spirit and placed it into various spiritual vessels which he created. Thusly, all sentient creatures possess a spark of the Thressus’ soul. Thusly, all are equal in God’s eyes.

Omnites are highly suspicious of the use of arcane magic, as their faith teaches that in Caranoss’ lust for earthly power he delved so deep into that discipline and caused the Cataclysm, destroying the earthly paradise in which he and his siblings lived. They are also somewhat suspicious of technology, though so long as it is unaugmented by magic it is still part of the natural world.

In addition, Omnites share the Solymnists disgust for any act that raises the dead- they see such things as breaking the natural cycle of life and defying God’s will, and their clerics refuse to participate in any such ceremony. They will activiely seek out and destroy any undead creatures.

Omnites are highly centralized in the structure of their church- a Grand Hierophant at the Eternal Cathedral runs the church from city of Bronn in the Old World. Devonshire and Sharandon each have a cathedral with a Cardinal, and many towns have smaller parrishes with priests running them.

A cleric who follows Omnism may take the following domains: Law, Sun, Protection, Justice, Protection, Strength, Civilization, and Life.

Their symbol is a sun motif.

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